The Association and its history

The Export-Union for dairy products is the association of the German export dairies and traders of milk and milk products, based in Berlin. The association has around 80 member- companies from Germany and neighbouring European countries. More than 90 percent of German dairy exports is performed by members of the Export-Union.
The Export-Union for dairy products is not a manufacturer nor a trader of dairy products itself but the association of exporters of milk and dairy products. For export inquiries of dairy products from Germany, please use our export inquiry form.

The association was founded in 1968 under the presidency of Horst Ziegenhain and represents the interests of export interested companies in the dairy industry and wholesale sector.
Previously the focus of work was on the advice for companies in trade and customs issues, nowadays the association focusses more on support in veterinary issues when doing business in third countries.
Very early the Export-Union became member of the European trade association Eucolait. 1988 the foundation for a cooperation with the Association of the Dairy Industry was laid and common offices were founded in Bonn. 2007 the associations moved from the Rhine to the Spree in Berlin to the House of Milk, where many associations of the dairy sector are located.

At the annual conference 2021 in Berlin, the Executive Board of the Export-Union was chosen. Chairman is Mr. Gerhard Meier (Bayernland eG), Deputy Chairman is Mr. Eckhard Heuser (MIV), Treasurer Mr. Rainer Saumweber (A. Saumweber GmbH). Also represented on the board are Mr. Thomas Eicher (Hochwald Foods GmbH), Mr. Kasper Thormod Nielsen (Arla Foods amba), Mr. Hartmut Kretschmer (DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH) and Mr. Roland Schwing (BMI - Bayerische Milchindustrie eG).